Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas...Are you ready?

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas...Are you ready?

Ryan Thompson

Let's be honest, holiday shopping season is go time for many retailers across the country. It can be a hectic time for sure but do not worry, we are here to help! Black Friday to Cyber Monday and Christmas month, it is time to prepare your business ahead of time so you are not left paying extra in expedited shipping and missing out on potential sales from your clients.

This blog is going to cover three easy steps to preparing for the crazy holiday season that is already upon us.

1. Know your customers. Carrying products that your customers expect out of your business is key. Expanding your product line may be beneficial but try to keep the increases small for your business into new territory. We have retail options available for most all of our teas. The unit count per case is quite small leaving you with more flexible over you products. Do not get stuck sitting on a large quantity of items that wind up not moving well.

Not sure which teas to carry and you are a new sign up to Full Leaf Wholesale? Eliminate the process of narrowing down the teas by snagging one of tailored Starter Kits. We assembled the top sellers from our existing clients in areas such as Drive Thru's, Restaurants, and Coffee Shops to Wellness Focused (ex: spas or natural grocers) and eCommerce. Sample kits exist for each kit if you are not ready to commit to the full package of each respective choice. A la carte samples are available for any of our teas to try.

2. Plan ahead. Life happens, tasks get overlooked. We get it. However do not let it derail you from staying focused with your business. Our packing fulfillment time is 3-7 business days after the order is placed (depending upon volume and season) for our teas. This fulfillment time is strictly to get the items order ready for shipment. Keep in mind as we get closer to very high volume weeks such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday, our team will be working overtime to ensure that we get orders out as soon as possible. Planning a few weeks ahead of when you should run out will really help set your business up for success.

Expedited shipping options for UPS are available for each order at checkout but do keep in mind that the shipping estimated timeframes only apply once the items have been packaged and ready to be shipped out. Remember the 3-7 business day timeframe above? Overnight delivery will only commence, for example, once our team has packaged and prepared the item for shipment. Standard ground shipping through UPS is regularly 7-9 business days in transit times during the regular non-holiday season but do keep in mind that as volume increases for everyone, this year COVID restrictions along with have added an extra wrench is the shipment timeframes. Always plan for the worse but expect the best.

Our wholesale team is standing by and ready to help troubleshoot with you if an "oops" moment happens this holiday season. Live business support hours are 9AM-5PM PST Monday through Friday.

3. Pricing your products correctly is key. MSRP or Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price is extremely important. Ensure that you are pricing your retail offerings at least at a 50% margin for your customers. All of our MSRP is easily found on each product page. Keep the price in line with the MSRP and only discount when you are towards the end of the season or need to move some product that isn't selling as quickly as you forecasted.

This step coincides with step one where knowing your customer is extremely important. If you are in an area that is well off, having higher price point teas may be a good strategy for your business. On the flip side, if you are located in area hit hard with unemployment carrying lower cost products might be the smarter choice for you. Being strategic with the products you are carry can really help support your business during the holiday season.

We appreciate you reading this quick blog about the upcoming holidays and some tips for your business to ponder. These three areas are key in planning for the holiday season. Do not be worried about the unknowns in this season, there are enough of those voices out there. Instead focus on what you can control. Knowing your customers, planning ahead, and pricing your products correctly can set you up for success not only in high volume seasons but throughout the year.

Remember you are not alone. Full Leaf Wholesale is here to help set you up for success and work with you to conquer the season.

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