Welcome to Our New Wholesale Website!

Welcome to Our New Wholesale Website!

Ryan Thompson

It is a new day; our wholesale site has received a much-needed upgrade! You will find many new items and information to set your business up for success. Our team has been pouring countless hours into this project to make it a reality, just in time for the holiday season.

Upon navigating the new site you will see an increased search function to find teas more quickly. You can now find teas with turmeric, fruit based, or even floral features to name just a few. Caffeine content is now more clearly defined to narrow teas that you and your staff may be looking to carry. It is important to be able to provide features such as these to narrow down tedious not super helpful search results.

This new blog is an exciting addition that will eventually feature a rotating write up of our various clients to give a face to the people who sell our teas across the world. We'll even cover topics that are more relevant to your business and further help set you up for success.

We've even expanded our tea offerings with a few new teas such as Organic Winter Brew and Vanilla Tea with many more to come very soon. New case sizes of six units per case is the standard for the retail products (excluding assessories). This lower pricepoint will further reduce the barrier for entry and enable your team to move product more efficiently.

Starter Kits were quietly soft-launched a couple of months back and we are really excited to be able to feature these helpful kits on the new site. Whether you are an existing client or a brand new wholesaler the ability to narrow down the large list of teas you should carry is extremely helpful, saving you time and money. We took the growing lists of our clients in various areas of the economy such as drive-thrus, restaurants, or even spas. The result focused on what is popular and what sells well for our average client in these areas. Samples packs of these starter kits are available. Additional themed Starter Kits are in the works for more areas so keep your eyes peeled.

In all transitions, there will be hiccups along the way. Please do reach out to our dedicated customer service staff for wholesale. We are staffed Monday through Friday, 9AM-5PM PST. Simply email us or give us a call. If we are helping another client at the same time we will reach out to you as soon as we are able. Take a moment to look around.

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