We're Carbon Neutal 🌲

We're Carbon Neutal 🌲

Carly Pearl-Sacks

We're excited to announce our goal toward becoming carbon neutral! For every order, we're offsetting carbon emissions by 5 kgs!

Our offset is FIVE TIMES the emissions created when shipping our typical package!

How are we doing this? We're working with Greenspark to offset our emissions. They're a great company with a great mission! Learn more about Greenspark.

We invite you to check out our public climate page! Explore our current impact, supported projects, and more!

Our goal toward becoming carbon neutral is another addition to our efforts on sustainability and climate change!

We invite you to explore our sustainability page, where you can view initiatives including:

  • Utilizing less packaging
  • Biodegradable & plastic-free teabags
  • Efficient warehousing