Bulk teas for all your needs

Bulk Tea for All Your Needs

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What does "Bulk" Mean?

You will find the term "bulk" thrown around a lot on our wholesale site. It is a simple word, but it can carry so much meaning to it.

Business accounts are looking for a high volume of products to carry in their shops. It doesn't make economic sense for a drive-thru coffee shop to order half a pound of tea at a time to burn through it in less than a week. 

Instead, based on the volume they are going through, a bulk solution needs to be instituted. Instead of ordering and paying for shipping costs with multiple, small orders, ordering in bulk will not only save time but also money spent on multiple shipments and on base cost of goods.

Purchasing bulk tea is economically beneficial as it lowers the cost per ounce, which increases profitability for businesses that use large quantities, like cafes and tea shops. It also reduces packaging waste, aligns with eco-friendly practices, and simplifies inventory management by necessitating fewer orders and shipments, contributing to overall cost savings and operational efficiency.

In summary, Bulk is a way to provide a large amount of tea in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Whether you use the tea for merely serving at your restaurant or repackage it into your own brand for retail sale, bulk is an excellent way of satisfying your customers and keeping up with demand.

Are There Any Discounts?

We are committed to supporting the growth and success of our wholesale partners by offering our high-quality teas at prices that are approximately 50% lower than our retail rates. This substantial discount allows businesses such as cafes, specialty stores, and wellness centers to enjoy significant savings while stocking up on premium teas. 

With the advantage of lower acquisition costs, our partners can mark up the products to maintain healthy profit margins without compromising on the quality offered to their customers. This pricing strategy is designed not only to be economically advantageous for our wholesale clients but also to foster long-term partnerships by ensuring they can provide exceptional value to their own customers.

5% off at 5 pounds, 10% off at 10 pounds

Volume discounts exist to save money. After five or more pounds of any one type of tea variety is ordered, a 5% discount will apply. Ten or more pounds of any one kind of tea variety will reduce the price per pound by another 5%. This 10% savings adds up fairly quickly. Even more significant discounts are available for larger quantities! Call or email us for quotes.

Around 200 different varieties are available for bulk purchases. Our advanced filter search or drop down navigation helps narrow down the many options available. Starter kits are available for areas such as drive-thrus, restaurants, and even spas! Our goal is to give businesses the ability to sift through the options to help you find the teas you are looking for quicker than ever before.

Bulk samples are available for all of our teas to try before you commit to one full pound. If you are unsatisfied with a tea you have purchased simply reach out to our wholesale team and we'll work with you to find another tea that you may enjoy.

Our warehouse team blends to order all of our one-of-a-kind teas by hand from the finest ingredients we can find from all over the world. Orders (depending upon volume) are often blended and packaged in three to five business days with standard shipping after it leaves our facility being an additional three to seven business days to get to you. 

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