Retail Options for Your Business

Retail Options for Your Business

Ryan Thompson

Selling retail options of loose leaf tea, matcha powder, or accessories can add incredible value to your business. Customers are seeking high-quality options to have at their homes. We have some options available to help set up your business for long term success.

If you have been an existing customer up until now you may have been used to reselling our metal tins. These options came in a case of twelve units each. The minimums were high and shipping costs became bogged down with the added weight. It was apparent this was not a cost-effective way to sell our teas and we sought an option to make this more accessible to our clients and provide a better value.

Switching over to a retail bag equivalent was a simple move. In this move, we were able to pass the savings of shipping onto you in addition to lowering the minimums. A case now contains six units. This means that products will not be sitting on the shelf as long, reducing the worry about waste and unsold products. While a few of our retail matcha tins remain, the transition to retail bag options has been an exciting transition for our team.

While we do not do private or white labeling for our clients, this finished retail product is a great way to sell high-quality tea to your customers. Our USDA certified organic facility provides relief knowing that we go the extra mile to ensure that you receive the best product we can find from around the world. If you are wanting a sample of one of our bags to see the size and how it would look on your shelf feel free to reach out to our wholesale team, we would love the opportunity to get a sample in the mail for you.


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