snikerdoodle matcha latte

Snickerdoodle Matcha Latte

Kaci Barnes
Snickerdoodle Matcha Latte
Photography and Recipe by Carly Pearl-Sacks

Snickerdoodle Matcha Latte

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One 12oz Serving



Snickerdoodles have always been a beloved favorite of mine. The soft, chewy texture combined with the warm, comforting flavors of cinnamon and sugar create a truly irresistible treat. 

Inspired by this classic cookie, I wanted to experiment by pairing these flavors with the subtle bitterness of matcha, a finely ground powder made from specially grown and processed green tea leaves. The result is a delightful fusion where the sweet and spicy notes of the snickerdoodles beautifully complement the earthy, slightly bitter undertones of the matcha. 

This unique combination offers a sophisticated twist on a traditional cookie, making it perfect for a cozy, special treat to enjoy with friends at your café.



Step 1

Prepare the matcha by combining it with 4 ounces of nearly boiling water and whisking vigorously until well combined. Set aside.

Step 2

Heat the milk until hot and add the cinnamon, caramel, and vanilla syrup. Whisk thoroughly.

Step 3

Top the hot milk with the matcha. Garnish with whipped cream, cookie crumbles and additional caramel sauce. Enjoy!

snickerdoodle matcha latte

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