Starter Kit Guide for  Your Business

Starter Kit Guide for Your Business

Carly Pearl-Sacks

Congratulations! If you are here, it must mean you’ve taken the exciting first steps to start your own business. With minimums as low as one pound per tea, and ready-made retail packaging in cases of 6, our products are accessible for your business, whatever its size. Picking the inventory you want to sell can be daunting. We’ve curated several themed collections to help make inventory selection a breeze.

Wellness Starter Kit

Wellness Starter Kit

First, one of our most popular kits is our Wellness Starter Kit. You want this kit if holistic health and wellness is your goal and clientele. The Wellness Kit offers the basic building blocks of wellness: Chamomile, Peppermint, Detox, Sleeping TranquiliTea, Live Fit, Immunity, Beauty Me, and Herbal Comfort.

These cover the basics of relaxation, workout recovery, detoxing, skincare, and gut health. As the name suggests, you can start with this kit, see what sells well, and add items a la carte later on. For instance, the most popular additions to this kit are Lung Health, Healthy Colon, Tummy Balance, and Cold Remedy.

You should take a serious look at this kit if you have a health-focused business model. This has been a great start for many apothecaries, homeopaths, and fitness workers. This kit is available as a sample starter kit and full-sized starter kit. The sample kit allows you and your team to taste test each of these teas before committing to the full-sized kit.

For the full size, Wellness teas have two options: Retail Starter Kit, and Loose Leaf Starter Kit. The retail version will give you a case of 4 retail-ready bags of each tea type. These are all ready to be placed on your shelves and shipped out as is. Each tea is individually bagged, containing 25-45 loose leaf servings, with Full Leaf Tea Co’s logo. This is the option for you if you’re wanting an easy way to resell quickly.

For the loose leaf version, you’ll receive a pound of each tea, as well as separate teabags, and display labels. This allows you to receive the tea in bulk, then repackage it to your own unique specifications. This opens up a world of creative possibilities for you in branding and packaging. This could range from selling individual filled teabags to re-selling the entire pound.

Cafe Starter Kit

Cafe Starter Kit

This next collection was curated by choosing our top 12 best sellers. This kit makes it easy to start your cafe or tea shop with confidence. It includes our best-selling matchas, which have proven to be more than a fad drink. This kit has something for everyone, so that you can garner wide appeal from your customers.

These 12 teas meet all the common categories: spiced, classic, energizing, and as well as caffeine free! Café Starter kit is sold as a sample kit and as a full size loose leaf kit.

You can read more about each tea included by following their links. This kit includes: Masala Chai, Earl Grey, Assam, Sencha, Organic Premium Matcha, Organic Sweet Matcha, Northwest Sunset, Peppermint, Lemon Ginger Mate, Pai Mu Tan (white tea), Chamomile, and Pink Tea.

Restaurant Starter Kit

Restaurant Starter Kit

With teas as low as 12 cents per serving, the Restaurant Starter Kit is the perfect way to rake in profits on every cup ordered. Serve at the table with a glass teapot and you’ll have even more profits, coupled with impressive display. This kit includes the top 8 teas requested by restaurant customers.

The Restaurant teas include: Masala ChaiEarl GreyAssamSenchaNorthwest SunsetPeppermintLemon Ginger Mate, and Pai Mu Tan (white tea).

The Restaurant Starter Kit can be purchased as the full size kit (1 pound of each tea), or as the sample version. It also comes with our all natural drawstring teabags which are 100% free of plastic.

eCommerce Starter Kit

eCommerce Starter Kit

This eCommerce starter kit is perfect to hit the ground running. With all 10 teas coming in retail-ready packaging, all you have to do is post the products on your website. You’ll receive your inventory within 12 business days, and you’ll be able to sell them as-is.

The 10 teas included in this kit are: Chamomile, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Immunity Blend, Liver Cleanse, Lung Health, Orange Cinnamon Spice, Peppermint, Organic Premium Matcha, and Organic Sweet Matcha Original.

These teas fit compactly in your shelves or bookcases at your home office, or storefront if you prefer. This kit is not limited to eCommerce, and is perfect for brick and mortar establishments that want something easy to stock the shelves.

This starter kit skips all the drama of branding, packaging, labeling, and certifying. Instead, it gives you ready to sell products, with USDA’s Organic stamp of approval. This means packaging and filing for certifications doesn’t need to be part of your overhead. You can enjoy 50% profit margins at the very start.

This is the only starter kit to include our Lung Health, Liver Cleanse, and Orange Cinnamon Spice teas, all of which are crowd favorites! You can purchase this starter kit as the full size retail kit, or as the sample size.

Drive Thru Starter Kit

Drive Thru Starter Kit

If you’re starting a drive through or walk-up business, this starter kit will be perfect for you. Kiosk style businesses have to worry about conserving space. This kit narrows down the tea selection to our top 8 sellers. This means you have an easy selection of caffeinated and caffeine-free teas to offer your customers. It also includes the ever-popular sweet matcha.

This kit also includes our natural paper drawstring teabags. This means you can serve your clients with confidence, since there will be 0 plastics in this teabag. It also makes it easy on your workers, who can fill a quick teaspoon of tea into a bag and send the cup on its way to a happy customer.

You can buy this kit in full size or sample size. The 8 teas include: Masala ChaiEarl GreyAssamSenchaOrganic Sweet MatchaNorthwest SunsetPeppermint, and Lemon Ginger Mate.

Cold Brew Starter Kit

Cold Brew Starter Kit

Our Cold Brew starter kit gives you 3 teas to start out. Assam serves as the black tea option, Sencha as the green tea, and Northwest Sunset as the herbal option. All three are very easy to cold brew and serve. Assam and Sencha also have the added bonus of being strong base teas, so if you’re wanting to experiment with added flavors to your cold brews, these are ideal.

Northwest Sunset stands out on its own as a delicious cold brew, with a Honeybush base. It brews into a beautiful rose color and combines notes of citrus, sweet, and mint. This will be a crowd favorite for cold brew. We also provide plenty of teabags for ease of brewing.

We recommend using five tablespoons of tea leaves per gallon of water. To leave enough room in the teabags for the tea to unfurl, we recommend no more than one tablespoon of tea per bag. You can modify this recipe as desired and let your brew steep to your preferred strength.

This kit comes in full size (1 pound of each tea) and in sample size. A sample is about enough for 2 full pitchers of cold brew.

Questions? Email us at to speak with our team about your tea needs.

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