The Trade Coffee & Coworking | Wholesale Spotlight

Wholesaling Loose Leaf Tea

The Trade Coffee & Coworking | Wholesale Spotlight

Carly Pearl-Sacks

Hi tea lovers! We are beginning a series of Wholesale Spotlights to highlight some of the amazing companies that have partnered with us as wholesalers. To begin this series, we are thrilled to introduce you to The Trade Coffee & Coworking!

Starter Kit Guide for Your Business

Carly Pearl-Sacks

Congratulations on taking the exciting first steps toward starting your own business! With minimum order quantities as low as one pound per tea, and ready-made retail packaging available in cases of six, our products are designed to fit businesses of any size. Choosing the right inventory can seem overwhelming, but we've made the process easier by creating several themed collections to streamline your selection.

Retail Options for Your Business

Kaci Barnes

At Full Leaf Tea Company, we understand the diverse needs of our wholesale customers and offer two convenient packaging options to suit various business models. Our premium loose leaf teas are available for purchase by the pound, allowing businesses to offer fresh, bulk tea to their customers or use it in their own unique blends.

Bulk Tea for All Your Needs

Kaci Barnes1 comment

Purchasing bulk tea is economically beneficial as it lowers the cost per ounce, which increases profitability for businesses that use large quantities, like cafes and tea shops. It also reduces packaging waste, aligns with eco-friendly practices, and simplifies inventory management by necessitating fewer orders and shipments, contributing to overall cost savings and operational efficiency.